The S.S.Thistlegorm was a British transport ship, it was built 1940 and in May 1941 it had left the port of Glasgow. The ship transported a cargo of munitions, 2 steam locomotives complete with two coal tenders, bombs, a hundred of BSA motorcycles, antitank mines, covers for airplane engines, medicines, different several Morris commercial C8 jeeps and other.

This cargo was destinated to the British station in Egypt. The Italian-German forced controlled the Mediterranea sea from Lybia so the Thistlegorm circumnavigate Africa and passing through the Suez Canal to reach the port of Alexandria.

Unfortunately the night of the 5-6 October 1941 on the strait of Gubal, two German Heinkel He III bombers attacked the ship.

Now the S.S. Thistlegorm is the more wreck on the world. The maximum deep is 30 mt but the current is normally very strong and sometimes became hard to visit this wreck.

Exploration of the ship is done in two dives. The first one is a general tour of the wreck, if the current is right we can see one of the two locomotives.

On the second dive the exploration includes penetration of the 3 holds and, if we did not go on the first dive, we will dive on the Capitan’s bathroom.

The wreck became a perfect habitat for the sea life : Grouper, batfish, crocodile fish, fusilier , jackfish, moray, lionfish, anemone fish clownfish and, on the holds, big school of soldierfish.