Dahab is a Beduin city at around 80 kilometers of Sharm el Sheikh. The most popular dive sites are Blue Hole and Canyon. After 1 hour with the car across the Sinai desert, we are on the first dive site, the Blue Hole.

This dive, usually starts from a sort of chimney in the reef called ‘El Bells’. We descend into this unforgettable chimney to a depth of 30 meters. Then we continue the dive to the right following a beautiful vertical wall rich of big Star coral, soft corals and gorgonians.

The entrance of the Blue Hole is situated on an extraordinary coral garden at a depth of 7 meters. We can observe, on this circular reef, particular sponge called ‘Elephant ear sponge’ that grow up between big coral table and fire coral.

A few minutes from the Blue Hole we have the dive site called ‘Canyon’. The entry is very easy, a lagoon of shallow water permits the access to a beautiful coral garden.

The entrance of the Canyon is around 25 meters deep and the wall of it descend more than 30 meters deep.

We can find a dense school of glassfish that dance around the divers. The main opening is at a depth of 14 meters and we exit into the sandy plateau where a lot of Garden eels come out.