Il Parco Nazionale di Ras Mohammed e’ situate on southern coast of Sinai. We have a different dive sites but, Shark and Yolanda reef is the most popular dive site in the red sea.

Normaly the dive start from Shark reef. Here the vertical wall descend vertically more than 700 mt deep. Thanks to the current, usually very strong, a lots kinds of coral grow up: big gorgonians multicolor soft coral and anemones. In the summer season on the blue we can dive with big school of snapper batfish and barracuda.

A sandy saddle connect Shark’s reef to Yolanda reef, here we can find a lot muray and crocodilefish.

Yolanda reef take his name of a cypriot merchant the ‘Yolanda’ that sank here on the night of April 1980. Now the wreck is verry deep but on the plattaform of 15 mt we will see the remains of the cargo : sanitary fixtures , container and bathtubs. Stonefish, bluespotted stingray, scorpionfish, crocodilefish and giant moray are the more common fish here.