The Tiran Island, with his 4 coral reefs Gordon, Thomas ,Woodhouse and Jackson, is situated at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba.

Jackson reef is one of the best dive sites on the Red Sea. The reef is very rich of different corals thanks to the currents which can be extremely strong. On the southern side, we can admire the coral garden rich of gorgonians, splendid anemones, numerous fire coral, pink violet and red soft corals. Big school of Yellowsaddle goatfish, multicolor angelfish and almost complete range of reef fish are present here. Everything from the small anthias to the large Napoleonfish. In the garden is very easy to see big turtle eating soft coral.

If conditions of the sea are right it’s possible to dive outside the reef, where is possible to see Hammerhead sharks, especially common from July to September.