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  1. Deep Diver,, Deep specialty
    being comfortable and feeling ok at deep water is the most important thing and this is what we going to let you get use to before starting your deep specialty this course covers special equipment considerations and also focus on avoiding nitrogen narcosis and preventing decompression sickness and handling potential problems correctly in same time you need to know your Deep limits and bear in mind that safety always come first and enjoying what you are doing is on top of all
    in four Dives and extra 20 minutes with your instructor here at Mr.Diver you will get such smart plan and easy way and how easy can you dive deeper and safer than ever and how everything get more interesting and exciting at certain depth
    This is the only speciality that gets you a new depth rating!!! go&Dive to the limit of recreational diving and see what life looks like like at 40mt

  2. Shaab Abu Nuhas where we have been on sunday
    trip was absolutely brilliant.full of joy and was never expected to be like it was,, cant imagine how happy our guest was when they come out from the first dive with shiny eyes and pretty smile once they saw the dolphins and swim with them,,very beautiful and such a lovely diving place,, easy dives,,great wrecks and Marcus was the best.breakfast and lunch was lovely,,boat was very comfortable and quit fast,,sea was flat and very calm with some nice breath
    our guest and our team was surprised when they heard our TEC Manage ”ALI” Saying tomorrow you will be amazed everyone you will go for daily trip where you not use to go every day and also you haven’t been there before on daily trip !!!! and actually we were all amazed with lovely and such fantastic day at Shaab Abu Nuhas.and ”ALI” said he is going to do it more often to show our guests how beautiful our Red Sea is
    our guest and our team would like to thank our TEC manager ”ALI” for such an amazing and well organised trip and also that he always thinking of doing different dives everyday for our guest. thanks ”ALI” very much.


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